Mobile Server

Connects every data source to your network, world wide


Mobile Server project update available at ESA Telecommunications.

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Current communications markets have experienced rapid changes in technology, with the introduction of mobile user terminals offering packet data services based on GPRS/UMTS, xDSL and SatCom technology as latest trends. These mobile terminals enable users to connect their remote mobile computers as clients to the Internet, using a high-speed data connection. MAGION Mobile Server technology also enables these mobile terminals to be deployed as servers, offering services to any client computer on the Internet.

MAGION Mobile Server is a communications framework, comprising a set of standard services, that can be deployed on any type of mobile device. Standard services include OPC industrial field data delivery, GPS positioning, web cam and network performance validation. Additional services can be created within the framework, using open-standard technology for tight integration with various devices deployed.

The Mobile Server enables you to deliver real-time data to your information infrastructure from every data source, world wide.